Dr Sarah Stella
BAppSc (Clinical) / BChiroSc

Sarah has been happily practicing chiropractic since 2003. She was
instantly drawn to chiropractic after learning that it’s approach to
healing is gentle, non invasive and holistic. She has worked in a variety of
private practices over the years gaining experience in various techniques
and working with varied clientele. Sarah uses a variety of manual
techniques to help restore wellbeing and is primarily a low force

She is committed to providing individualized care, to taking time to
understand the individual’s health needs and the assisting healing by
using an integrated approach. She believes that every individual and
family should benefit from having chiropractic care. Whilst her special
areas of interest are in pre and post natal care, she is happiest when she
sees people from all walks of life regaining health and improving their
quality of life with the help of chiropractic care.

As a practitioner who is passionate about lifelong learning she strives to
provide care that is current, balanced and effective.