Tess Tokatlidis
Clinical Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Tess has worked in the Welfare Sector for 28 years and has extensive experience in Private Practice as a Somatic Psychotherapist/Counsellor. She is a trauma informed therapist and has additional comprehensive trainings from a wide variety of therapeutic perspectives including client centred counselling within a Christian framework.

She gently supports people in a safe and caring environment. Her aim is to understand and gain greater insight of her clients to assist them to move forward and build a stronger sense of who they are with clarity, stability and confidence that are meaningful and make sense for them.

She mainly works with individuals and offers some therapy for couples. She has significant knowledge of experience supporting people who suffer from trauma, depression, self-esteem, anxiety, stress, abandonment and relationship issues.

You can contact Tess on 0401-902-702.